Thursday, 1 November 2012

Desert Island Apps: Alan Cann

Desert Island Apps is an occasional series in which we ask people: what apps could you not live without. This post is by Alan Cann.

GoodReader The first app which springs to mind is GoodReader. I use it for taking papers to meetings - I've essentially gone paperless since I started using this app. It's also useful for simple annotations on documents, but for longer writing, I prefer:

PlainText PlainText, a very simple note taking app. When I'm writing I like the minimum of distractions, and that's exactly what PlainTest gives me. It also syncs with DropBox, if you like that sort of thing.

Skitch Skitch is my goto image editing app on the iPad and iPhone. It does far less than full strength image editors, but it has great annotation features - something which really can make a picture (such as a screenshot) worth a thousand words.

Google My final essential is the misnamed Google Search app. Sure, it does Google searches - including, in the latest version, voice searches which rival the power of Siri (and it's a darn sight easier to say "Kennebunkport" into the microphone than to try to remember how to spell it then type it on an iPhone. And Google Goggles is powered by magic. But the real power of this app comes from the apps link at the bottom of the home screen - touch that and you have full mobile access to GMail, your Google Drive documents, Google Reader, and the best mobile interface to Google Plus.

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